Best reasons to use Lark for your start-up business

The future presents great potential for start-up businesses. These start-ups, specifically those in the tech and internet industries, have been able to provide solutions for new needs that emerged in 2020, and their relevance is only seen to increase in the coming year and beyond. From EdTech and AI to e-commerce and virtual entertainment, future trends and advances in technology are opening up even more opportunities for innovative start-ups to thrive.

With the growth of these start-ups comes the rise of a new generation of business leaders, one that is younger, more aggressive, and digital savvy. While their vision and mindset, along with their go-getter attitudes help drive these young entrepreneurs and business leaders towards success, employing the right people, and an ideal set of tools to get work done are important factors too, especially now that working from home has become the norm.

A productivity app with essential tools for remote work is an ideal solution for work-from-home employees and young CEOs of start-ups. One such tool is Lark, a next-gen collaboration suite that combines the important functions that teams need to stay in sync, work efficiently, and be the first to market, even without a physical office.

Here are three top reasons why start-ups should consider using Lark for your business.

1. Lark increases your team’s agility


Most start-ups that are led by young CEOs also employ a millennial workforce. These businesses and teams are resilient and agile, able to quickly adapt to internal and external disruptions, and remain productive and efficient despite facing change.

Because Lark is fully optimized for mobile, agile teams and even digital nomads may use it to work anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Collaboration is easily done through shared Lark Docs that multiple users can edit simultaneously, and in real-time. To establish a sense of urgency on immediate tasks, team members can tag one another within a document to alert users when something needs to be addressed right away. A free Lark account gives teams 200GB of secure cloud storage for documents and files.

2. Lark empowers your remote team

Every member of your startup’s remote team is empowered to do their best work online through the tools provided by Lark. Communication and coordination is done seamlessly through Lark Messenger, Lark Mail and Lark Video Call. Anyone can easily launch and join a Video Call meeting right from Lark Calendar, and each meeting can accommodate up to to 100 participants, with no time limit.

The integrated Lark Calendar allows team members to see each others’ schedules and project timelines for greater transparency within remote teams. The entire team’s availability can be seen at a glance, with the ability to view multiple time zones, making scheduling easy for teams located in different areas around the world.

3. Lark is built to scale, and adjusts as your business grows

When you need to add essential tools into your digital workspace, you can do so using Lark Workplace, which allows the integration of 3rd party software into the app. It even lets you create your own custom apps with minimal coding knowledge required. Increasing your online storage is possible, too, when the free cloud storage capacity is no longer sufficient for your growing start-up.

For tasks and processes that are outsourced for greater efficiency, you can easily onboard external teams and partners on Lark by enabling external access on work files and folders, as well as as messenger groups and video meetings. Because access for external teams is limited, your sensitive information and data remains protected within Lark.

One successful start-up that has been using Lark to their advantage is Nas Daily, whose global production team creates videos that make an impact in today’s world. Their team uses Lark Calendar to schedule video shoots, Lark Docs for sending and editing scripts, Lark Messenger for instant communication, and Lark Video Calls for meetings.

Discover more of what Lark can do to help your start-up business thrive. Visit to learn more.

Lark is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Click here to start using Lark today.


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