Worries on personal data use seen to rise in 2021


CONCERNS on how data is stored, accessed, and used are seen to increase in 2021, as traveling will require people to share more personal data, according to Palo Alto Networks, Inc., an American multinational cybersecurity company.

The company announced its cybersecurity predictions for 2021 at a virtual press briefing on Wednesday.

“With this critical need to move data between government agencies and enterprises such as airlines, airports, and hotels, the debate around how data is stored, accessed, and used will only increase in 2021, particularly as individuals are now far more conscious of their personal data being shared,” the company said in an e-mailed statement.

The company also expects the availability of iPhone 12 to encourage mass adoption of 5G-enabled devices next year.

“This will undoubtedly encourage the acceleration of 5G network rollouts as telcos seek to deploy new services for consumers and governments tap digital opportunities for economic recovery in 2021,” it said.


Working from home is also seen to become easier next year.

“With the increased adoption of cloud tools, we could see a reduction in the need for pricier devices with more computing power as virtualized desktops become an increasingly popular solution,” it noted.

“Businesses could instead provide employees with simpler, connected devices that enable employees to access the programs and resources they need online, delivering the work to them directly — and in turn, protecting the company’s crown jewels,” Palo Alto added.

The company also said an added layer of identity and access management governance will be needed as companies “continue to scale their cloud presence.”

It said more companies will be shifting their IT focus “inward to look at getting the fundamentals right.” — Arjay L. Balinbin


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