Choosing the right recruitment firm

When you think of hiring new employees and turn to a recruitment firm to do so, there are qualities you automatically look for: Customer service that is easy to reach, a firm with a good reputation and one that has access to a large candidate pool.

However, it is often the details they offer that can make the difference between choosing the right or the wrong recruitment firm. Here are some of the things you should look for.

Understanding your Needs

If you call or meet with a recruitment agency and they don’t focus primarily on understanding your company, and the role of the person you are looking to hire, you should think about ending the call rapidly or leave the room. There are many individuals that could fill the empty seat in your company, all with the necessary experience. However, how many of those will really fit into the mentality and the vision of your company? That is one of the questions a good recruitment firm should solve first, by asking you the right questions.

Using the Latest Technologies

With the continuous development in technology, if a recruitment firm wants to offer the best service possible, it has to use the latest tools available. For example, if you called upon the recruitment agencies Morgan Philips, you would discover how using the latest technology, for research and data insights, can bring you candidates that are more adapted to your needs. Also, social recruiting is an important part of the way things are done today, and firms that focus on that side of technology can bring you better results.

International and Local Capacities

The world has become a much smaller place in the last twenty years. According to the position you are looking to fill, candidates from other countries might be something you should look into. Not all recruitment firms have the capacity to offer you such a service. If the role of the person you are about to hire is key to your development, you should definitely search for a recruitment firm that will look beyond national boundaries.

Assessing the Candidates

All recruitment firms will assess the candidates. However, they won’t use the same techniques to do so. Look for firms that will evaluate candidates through competency-based interviews. Going back to our first point in this article: The recruitment firm should also select candidates based on behavioral and psychometric knowledge, so that they know if they are adapted to the role and organizational context of your company.

Hopefully, this will help you find the right recruitment firm.

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