MarketSpots Review – Is MarketSpots scam or a trustworthy broker?

A fear that every new trader has to deal with is whether he/she is going to sign up with a legitimate or scam broker.

It is unfortunate but true that there are certain entities on the internet that are not thinking of the best of you. They are only concerned about your money, and once they have that, they are gone from the picture. This is why it has become crucial for every trader in the world to confirm the legitimacy of an online trading services provider before signing up with them. For that reason, I am here to help you.

I will tell you about This is the company that I think can provide you with the type of trading services you need without scamming you. Let’s proceed with the complete MarketSpots review to help you further.

Proving the Legitimacy of MarketSpots

Proper and Safe Deposits

The first thing you will notice about online scammers is that they are not interested in anything that can leave a trail. For example, if you deposit money in their personal account, there will be record to show that you transfer this much money to this account. They don’t want that. For that reason, they ask you to send the money in all the unsafe ways. They might ask you to send money through some cash transfer method. Or in other cases, they might just ask you to send them cash directly through some mail. That’s the most unsafe way of sending money to anyone.

If that’s the case with the broker you are signing up with, I suggest you never sign up with it. First of all, you have to know that you can use all the safe methods of depositing money when you sign up with this company. You can go with your credit card option or just pick bank wire transfer to make your deposits safe. In addition to that, you will be glad to know that the company has KYC and AML policies to ensure that you provide your banking details in the form of pictures. This ensures no money launderer or fraud signs up on the website.

Perfect Trading Conditions

You really cannot miss looking at this particular aspect of trading. When you sign up with an online trading services provider, you have to make sure that they make the way easy for you. If they are making things difficult, you can be sure you are not in the right place. How can they make things difficult for you? Well, they will usually have some really difficult trading conditions in place. You will not be able to make lots of profits on your trades because of the loose spreads and many fees and service charges. Furthermore, you have big leverages to facilitate you with your trades.

When you trade, you can only make as much profit on your trade as the size of it. If the size of the trade is small, no matter how much the price of the asset moves in your desired direction, you will not make a huge return. On the other hand, leverages can help you amplify your trading profits. If you don’t know, MarketSpots will provide you with leverages of up to 1:200. That means you will get $200 contributed by your broker when you contribute only $1 for a trade.

Cryptocurrencies That You Like

I have had this issue with many companies that I signed up with before. They provide you with cryptocurrency trading, and then put you under a lot of restrictions. I don’t like those restrictions. The problem is that I want to be able to trade all the digital currencies that are out there. Why would you tell me that you are giving me access to digital currency trading and then reveal to me that I can only trade Ethereum and Bitcoin. Look, I don’t mind trading those digital coins, but I have to have other options as well so I can diversify my crypto trading portfolio.

To be honest, I like Monero and Ripple more than the biggest digital currencies of the world. They go up and down too much and just too many people are attached to them. I feel like I am lost and that I can’t take such huge risks with Ethereum and Bitcoin. On the other hand, Monero and Ripple are pretty much within my range. So, with MarketSpots, I have them in my access. I can trade a lot of other cryptocurrencies as well.

Get the Help You Need as a Trader

I am sure scammers can show you a lot of big dreams to lure you into their trap. However, they can never provide you with services that actually cost them money, time and efforts. They don’t want to do that, because it is not a good investment for them. On the other hand, you have MarketSpots providing you with proper help when you are a trader with them. Firstly, as soon as you sign up with the most basic account, you have access to the trading academy. That’s where you will find all the information you need about the basics of trading, the advanced trading strategies, and everything in between.

Furthermore, you will be assigned an account manager by the broker even if you have picked only the most basic account with it. The commission you pay when you trade with MarketSpots can also be reduced if you go with the silver account. The higher you go in the account types, the more discount you get.

Final Thoughts

So, there is a lot I have seen MarketSpots doing which I have only seen the biggest companies of the world doing. They provide their traders with great resources, advanced trading platforms, and lots of assets for trading. If you have read carefully, you will find out that MarketSpots is providing you with all of that too. To sign up with the broker, you just need a small initial balance of $1000 when you go with the basic account. Know more about the trading platform by going to the website and reading more.

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