Personnel Management Software Solutions

The area of personnel management includes all administrative tasks and activities concerning the employees of a company. Starting from the recruiting of new employees up to the offboarding of retired staff.

Numerous processes are involved, which today can hardly be managed in paper form – after all, the current times are more fast-moving than ever. This is why it is almost impossible to do without a comprehensive software solution for employee management.

The following article explains which problems the use of a professional personnel management software solves and which positive effects it achieves on the daily business.

Personnel management software: Excel is no longer sufficient

A few years ago, the spreadsheet program Excel was still used in the majority of companies to control personnel management in a digital way. Nowadays, however, the performance of this program is by no means sufficient. The reasons for this are manifold:

For example, the use of Excel for personnel management is accompanied by serious data protection problems. If information about employees is stored in an Excel spreadsheet, for example, it is often not updated in a stringent and orderly manner. The consequence of this is that data that should have been deleted long ago according to the applicable data protection laws is still present on the server. In contrast, with modern software for personnel management, deletion is completely automatic – and thus compliant with data protection regulations.

Insight into personal data is also problematic when using Excel. The data records of a particular employee are often collected in a single document. If a line manager needs to access this, for example, to enter comments on a feedback discussion with the respective employee, he or she may be provided with information that, according to the new GDPR, should not be publicly viewable. This would violate applicable data protection guidelines, which means that companies may be threatened with high penalties.

But these are not the only hurdles: If such a software solution is not in place, employee data is usually entered several times into the different systems. Changes also have to be entered manually into different databases. This makes work anything but efficient and time-saving.

Personnel management software solves these problems

Such problems are a thing of the past with professional personnel management software. With its help, all HR processes can be organized and executed seamlessly. For example, HR thus eliminates the need for double-entry bookkeeping, since it is sufficient to enter the data only once. The update is then automatically transferred to all other relevant areas.

Likewise, such a software solution ensures that data protection is always maintained. Authorization and role concepts can be used to conveniently define which GDPR compliant accesses are granted. In addition, deletion periods for data and information can be stored so that they are automatically deleted from the server as soon as it is necessary.

The employees themselves are also given access to the software so that they can carry out certain work steps independently. These consist, for example, of vacation applications, applications for cost transfers or applications for further training. This relieves HR enormously of many administrative duties. In addition, the employees are increasingly integrated into the company processes, which is highly appreciated in most cases.

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