End Of Tenancy Cleaning

All tenants always want to receive their complete deposit that they paid at the end of the tenancy, but most of them collide with the reality that a large part of their money will be cut from the deposit, because the apartment they hand it over was not well/deep cleaned, or it was not handed over to the landlord at the same condition that the owner of the apartment handed over to the tenant when renting the apartment.

Therefore, in order to be able to receive deposit, you as a tenant must do all the cleaning work so that the apartment appears in the best condition upon handing it over to the landlord. As a tenant, you need to fully verify your rental agreement because end of tenancy cleaning will likely be a term of receiving your deposit.

In short, end-of-lease cleaning refers to the type of cleaning required when a tenant moves out of a tenant’s residence. This can be done by the tenant or the owner.

To Do List For End Of Tenancy Cleaning

When the time to hand over the apartment to the owner get close, you must do the following basic things as end of tenancy cleaning:

  • Cleaning, disinfection, sweeping and dusting of all surfaces of the house, such as the front door, walls, ceilings, tiles and wooden floors.
  • Remove all limescale from all taps and polish them as much as possible.
  • Carry out deep cleaning of the oven, fridge, stove, refrigerator, microwave and all other appliances in the house.
  • Deep cleaning of carpets and rugs in the house, and cleaning and washing of all curtains.
  • Washing, cleaning and disinfection of all furniture surfaces in the house.
  • Deep cleaning, washing and disinfection of all upholstery in the house.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen.
  • Window Cleaning: Clean your windows from the in and outside, making sure they are shiny and free of stains.

Hiring the services of a professional cleaning company is the best solution! A professional cleaning company has the solutions and tools necessary to do this task professionally and for a short period of time, as it will provide you with advice regarding home delivery in the best condition in order to ensure that the deposit amount is fully recovered, and its services will not stop at this point because it has many services other additional services such as movement services, house cleaning when moving to it, sterilization services, and many other things.

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