How artificial intelligence is changing the online gambling industry

People’s relationship or interaction with AI is continuously changing. It was a foreign concept but now is applicable in everyday life and becoming a budding relationship.

However, it is interesting to watch the nature of this relationship as it grow day by day. Is it productive or something out of dystopian fantasy? The reality is that most industries are adopting the latest AI, especially because it works well with data analysis technology.

Most industries are adopting the latest AI, especially which it works well with data analysis technology. After all, in 2016, 18-time world champion Lee Sedol lost to Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo is a strategy board game. His loss pushed AI into the limelight. Why would gambling be left behind if using AI technology is profitable and exciting? Actually, most online casinos such as SafePlay Casinos are using AI to offer better player experience.

Here is how AI is changing the online gambling industry.

Smarter data

Land-based casinos studied the user behaviour patterns and their needs. They used this information to develop ways to retain players for longer. Online casinos operate by following a similar path.

As these online gambling sites gather information on their users, they can anticipate player’s needs. Online gambling website owners can use player information to investigate the user experience. They can identify the factors that help retain players and make them quit or why they change games.

Online gambling firms extract “big data” essential for invaluable insights with every click the user makes. Gambling firms use this information also to maximize profits strictly. However, with growth in user awareness and an increase in gambling, some site owners exercise prudence.

Many gambling operators are genuinely interested in knowing why certain games are more popular than others. Such information gives them an edge over their competitors. If they analyze their findings with precision, they can exploit the abundant opportunities in their industry. They can improve game designs and increase the user experiences to maximize profits.

Online gambling sites that invest in machine learning positions through understanding relations and patterns? These sites gather such insights from within the data.

Prevent harmful gambling

Foremost, AI works for both the user and the supplier of online gambling sites. A workshop proceeding revealed that gambling operators are interested in machine learning. According to the findings, some of these operators want to use AI to reduce harmful gambling. It helps to understand that problem gambling is mostly not in isolation but due to other factors.

In 2017 Kindred Futures hosted a roundtable discussion in London. The main agenda was to explore the idea that AI and machine learning can help detect patterns in user behaviour. If a gambling problem is identified at an early stage, it can assist in the prevention of destructive gambling. Aside from Kindred’s responsible gambling experts, present at the table were leading academics and experts from the industry.

If gambling operators can identify such crucial matters, AI and machine learning can aid the Kindred Group. It has won awards for its Player Safety Early Detection System. If AI and machine learning is added to Kindred Group’s resource, it can help eliminate the few users who do not see gambling as entertainment.

AI can therefore improve gambling operators’ social and commercial standing.

Customer Service

An over the phone experience or a chat feature with a non-human customer care agent is sometimes frustrating. Smarter AI is gradually replacing this with advanced bots that can better address customer needs. These advanced bots have access to specific user playing habits.

More importantly, they can analyze this knowledge for a better personalized user experience. If the user still needs “human” interaction, the bot records its interaction with the user. It will then pass this information onto the agent best equipped to address the user needs.

Online gambling needs excellent customer support. AI provides the user with a chatbot to offer this support. Many online casinos have incorporated this service into their systems.  AI uses a computer programme that interacts with the user verbally or via text. Chatbots operate a Natural Language Processing feature (NLP). It learns through extracting information from an oral and written speech. It can analyze feelings and measure social media listening. Naturally, it presents a near-human experience of interacting in conversation with an actual person.


Trust is dynamic, and the more the gambling industry understands the benefits of AI, the more trust it will have. Suppose the process is explainable, measurable and transparent, the better the reception will be.

Big data is the main concern for many industries, including the gambling industry, because of the breach probability. However, AI has improved the purpose and performance of its application, such as eliminating the robotic representation. It offers the user a better experience.

Gambling operators do not only use AI for maximizing their profits. Even most sports news and analysis platforms showing EPL top scorers use AI to ensure better user experience. Indeed, they use machine learning for helpful insights into reducing harmful gambling. AI is beneficial to both users and gambling operators, and since technology is on an upward trend, the use of AI is likely to increase.

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