Fra Lippo Lippi comes back home

AFTER five years — three of which were spent in a long, arduous pandemic — it’s just about time for Norwegian pop act Fra Lippo Lippi to come back home to the Philippines, a country that has always extended them the warmest of welcomes.

With shows slated for June 16 at The Theatre at Solaire, and June 17 at the Santa Rosa Sports Complex in Laguna, lead vocalist and keyboardist Per Oystein Sorensen is looking forward to bringing the band’s classic tunes from the 1980s to adoring Filipinos.

The likes of “Stitches and Burns,” “Beauty and Madness,” “Light and Shade,” “Angel,” and “Everytime I See You” will definitely keep the crowd going, according to Mr. Sorensen.

“Filipinos are very good singers and have a very good musical ear. It’s easy to be on stage with a Filipino audience,” he said during a press briefing via Zoom on May 24.

Fra Lippo Lippi, one of the most popular hitmakers of the new wave era, struck a chord with listeners of the Philippines in particular due to their blend of romantic lyrics and iconic melodies.

Though bassist and founding co-member Rune Kristoffer is no longer part of the act, Mr. Sorensen said he will continue to hold live concert tours globally, with the Philippines as a must-do stop.

According to him, the cycle of going back to the country to perform every four or five years since 1988 has been a good, regular rhythm.

“Now, after the dreaded pandemic, it’s nice to go anyway and go back to the Philippines and perform,” he said. “The best part of performing there is being on stage and communicating with the audience.”

Asked about having referred to the Philippines as being like home, Mr. Sorensen replied: “I think that because Filipinos give back so much to the band. You’ve always welcomed us and you’re always very warm.”

Unlike other audiences, Filipinos stand out because they “give back so much to the band” and exude an unmatchable warmth.

Mr. Sorensen added that, aside from meeting the audience and singing to them, he’s most looking forward to playing with the other musicians onstage.

“If we can blend properly, it’s great fun to perform,” he said.

Steve Hovington, lead vocalist and bassist of fellow new wave act B-Movie, will be supporting at both venues. PROGENY will be the front-act band.

The event is presented by New DMC Entertainment Production Management, Maui & Sons, and The Rail. Tickets are available via TicketWorld and SM Tickets, with prices ranging from P2,660 to P9,770. — Brontë H. Lacsamana

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