Probe ‘diploma mills,’ CHED told


A CONGRESSMAN called on the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on Wednesday to investigate schools that serve as mere “diploma mills” and take action against them after more than 80% of those who took the latest civil service examination failed.

“I alert the Commission on Higher Education to this because of how and why college graduates fail to hurdle the very basic CSC (Civil Service Commission) exam,” Bohol Rep. Kristine Alexie B. Tutor said in a statement.

She bewailed the results of the March CSC examination unsatisfactory as only around 17.2% or 57,683 of the total 335,385 exam takers passed.

“That’s just too high a failure rate,” said Ms. Tutor, adding that the CHED should conduct a “data analysis” to determine the schools of those who failed the exam and investigate them.

CHED did not immediately reply to a Viber message seeking comment.

Ms. Tutor said the low passing rate is a result of schools with substandard educational standards. “This is most probably a chronic symptom of the low standards of diploma mills in both urban and rural areas,” she said. — Kenneth Christiane L. Basilio

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