Confused Over Customs & Brexit? There May Be Help At Hand

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union has been a headache for companies who rely on international trade between the two markets.

Since the vote, customs issues, as well as language difficulties, have come to the fore like never before.

However, global provider of business process outsourcing (BPO), DDC FPO, has made it their business to lessen that headache. It has announced new multilingual customs brokerage processing services between the UK and EU, which aim to support its partners who are impacted by Brexit. The services include, but are not limited to, the following: Origin Data Capture, Import / Export Rating, Invoice Matching, and Customer Contact.

DDC FPO’s Global Technical Director, Richard Greening, discussed these offerings, stating: “From paperwork to border plans, tariff coding systems and more – potential Brexit-related changes to the supply chain during a pandemic may seem insurmountable.Before investing in hiring and training in-house staff for post-Brexit administrative tasks, consider your technology stack and workforce plan.”

He added: “This is a unique opportunity for businesses to modernise systems, proactively adopt new solutions without capital investment, and simultaneously protect themselves from a flurry of Brexit and COVID-19 operational threats.”

Luna Boyd, Vice President of Client Solutions at DDC FPO, discussed how DDC FPO works with its partners needs, rather than just working the one type of way. She said:

“Despite external market forces, DDC FPO’s core strength lies in its ability to deliver bespoke solutions that help partners adapt and succeed on a global scale.”

Those who use their service can remove the uncertainty associated with using a new system and rely on a multilingual customs brokerage whose business it is to understand and comply.

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