Johnson the general to Starmer’s captain | Brief letters

What a surprise that Boris Johnson’s promise that the flu vaccine would be available to everyone over 50 has led to unprecedented demand (GPs in England left waiting up to a month for flu vaccine supplies, 4 October). I phoned my GP to make an appointment and was told: “Ring again mid-November.” I’m 61. Let’s hope the flu virus knows to hold off until late November.
Liz McInnes
Rossendale, Lancashire

o On Tuesday, straight from the horse’s mouth, an NHS nurse told me that they had been told to turn off the NHS test-and-trace app while in the hospital (GSK tells UK staff: turn off Covid test-and-trace app while at work, 6 October). I’m staying with Prof Tim Spector’s Covid-19 app. How valid is the NHS app?
Kathleen Hines
Washington, Tyne and Wear

o I was amused to read that the PM attacked Sir Keir Starmer as “Captain Hindsight” in Monday’s conference speech. Presumably we’re meant to be impressed that Boris’s position as General Incompetence means he outranks him in the military hierarchy?
Will Tomsett

o Disappointin’ to see that the home secretary isn’t talkin’ like she really does and droppin’ her “g”s (Steve Bell’s If … , 6 October).
Stuart Waterworth
Tavistock, West Devon

o Surely a “broliday” would be more appropriate word for staycation (Letters, 5 October), particularly if visiting Yorkshire.
Roger Winterbottom
Carleton, North Yorkshire

o So, Donald Trump tested positive for Covid and recovered in three days. Fake news?
Sarah Sheils

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