The best MacOS apps

Macintosh has a lot of apps that are appealing to different interests across the board.  This list is hopefully going to appeal to you because this is not a list of fun games of sports apps.

This list is full of apps that can appeal to everyone and will help with the function ability of their device.  The list is in no particular order, and there are tons of other helpful apps out there!


This app is a favorite and game changer for a lot of people that need it.  It appeals to people that stream videos or do anything that they do not want their Mac to go to sleep for.  One of the main features is that it makes the device never go into sleep mode, which is effective for any streamer of sports, videos, or podcasts.  The great news is that it is also free to use and does not take up much space in your storage.

Bartender 3

Most apps that can make your Mac more enjoyable to use focus on organization.  This app focuses on your search bar when you are looking for the next application that you want to use in your device.

Some apps that always pop up first are used sparingly by you, so why not download this app and make those apps not appear at the top of your list?  The Bartender 3 app is not necessarily needed or a game changer for some, but it is nice to have if you have an obsession with being organized and moving quickly to launch your favorite applications.


Yet another app that can be a game changer for the right person is the Magnet app.  Multitasking with multiple windows can sometimes be a pain on a normal macOS application and it can be a problem.

Magnet fixes this by letting you customize how you are splitting windows and viewing whatever content that you need.  If you are sometimes scatterbrained like me and always have a lot going on, then this is a great app to help organize your viewing experience.


This would not be a quality list if I did not end up mentioning one of the most popular apps in the productivity niche on the app platform.  Evernote is widely popular as a note taking app and it also has a lot of other features that could be helpful for your situation.

A major plus when comparing this to other note taking apps is that Evernote is compatible with other apps out there and it can be really effective depending on whatever task you had in mind.  This is a must-have app for anyone that needs to be taking notes, so naturally it is very popular for students that do a lot of typing.

If you have an idea in mind that you would like to pursue to make your own application that could compete with the ones above, then you should look into macOS driver development services and how that could help you.  It is a great way to bring your ideas to life and get something started!

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