Window manufacturers Edmonton: What to know about window certification standards

According to Windows manufacturers Edmonton, to certify something means having a guarantee that its safety and performance has been tested and thus safe for use and can perform well.

Lack of these standards make it very hard to select the right product which matches with your needs, as well as making it dangerous to use the product. Some of the standards to check in windows or doors include the physical performance (water tightness, resistance to forced entry, air tightness) and energy efficiency (visible transmittance, u-factor, solar heat gain, R-value). These categories are represented by a range of values which are difficult to understand especially for uninformed customers.

Several factors have been considered in the development of these standards; therefore, it is good to choose windows that are made specifically for the region you are living. According to NorthTech Windows and Doors window manufacturers Edmonton, this is very important for windows because their performance depends on other conditions in addition to other factors. Windows should meet the following minimum energy efficiency conditions which are tested as follows:

  1. U-value(u-factor)

It is an indication of the rate of heat transfer. This value should be between 0.20 to 1.20. Low U- value means a slower heat transfer rate. Doors and windows having low U- factor significantly make your heating expenses less, and according to window manufacturers Edmonton, these should be avoided.

  1. R –value

This is the opposite of u-value. It is not part of the standards but it’s often seen on labels. R-value shows the resistance of windows Edmonton to heat transfer; therefore, a higher value has a higher resistance.

  1. Solar heat gain coefficient.( SHGC)

This value indicates how much sun’s heat can pass through the windows of Edmonton. It is usually between 0 and 1. Products with lower value are better in blocking heat from the sun.

  1. Visible transmittance (VT)

It ranges between 0 and 1. It shows how much visible light passes through a window. It is a ratio representing the daylight or visible light which is able to penetrate through a window or door. A window with a higher visible transmittance allows a greater amount of light to pass.

In terms of physical performance, all windows Edmonton have to be tested before their installation. The minimum physical and territorial requirements for the physical performance differ according to climate. Windows have to be tested based on the following categories;

  1. Air tightness

According to window manufacturers Edmonton, this value varies from A1 to A3, whereby A1 is the least airtight and the most airtight category being A3.

  1. Water tightness

Here the values vary from B1 to B7. Windows with a higher number value have a higher waterproof.

  1. Window load strength.

The values under this category are from C1 to C5.

  1. Resistance to forced entry

The highest level of resistance is F2 and the minimum resistance level is F1.

All the above standards have been harmonized to be used in different countries. According to these standards windows and doors are categorized into different grades, with each having a range of its performance values. Below is a list showing the performance grade for windows and their corresponding values.

R (20-100) –this range represents windows which are designed   for townhouses and single homes.

LC (30-100) – the grade is for windows designed for buildings which are low –rise.

CW (35-100) – This is for commercial buildings and high rise ones.

AW (45-100)-The grade is specifically assigned to commercial and high –rise structures.

It is good to have an independent third party to do window certification so as to make sure the product in question is of good quality and most suitable. Different countries have few agencies which are accredited carry out testing and certification of windows. Because you now know what various values indicated in the windows labels mean, it will be easy to choose the best windows for your home. In case you find a logo of the accredited agencies in your country, rest knowing that you have bought a product that has gone through rigorous testing and it will meet or even exceed your expectations.

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