Bringing Swiss CBD products to the UK Industry

CBD products have exploded in popularity over the past few years, and consumers have begun to value quality and transparency when choosing their products.

We spoke to the CEO and Founder of a Swiss-based CBD company to find out about their journey of establishing a CBD business in Switzerland and then moving into the booming UK market.

What can CBD help with?

According to Jan Bo Timming, who is the CEO and Founder of Swiss Original Cannabis, CBD is a natural gift for all kinds of people, especially those who suffer from pain or who lead active lifestyles.

“CBD helps with chronic pain in muscles and joints – it counteracts stiffness in the body and, most importantly, it shortens the recovery time so that you can train and exercise longer”.

Why is Switzerland a hub for CBD business?

Jan decided to move to Switzerland because of the great potential it showed for the CBD industry, but that was only after he first discovered CBD himself.

It was a car accident in 2016 that really sparked his interest in CBD and this became the starting point for Swiss Original Cannabis.

“I got a heavy whiplash and could not tolerate the doctor’s morphine prescription. Therefore, I started looking for another natural solution with fewer side effects. This is when I discovered CBD”, explains Jan, who found in CBD oil the natural alternative to painkillers that he was missing.

“From there, my interest began to develop. I bought books on CBD and medical cannabis and spent numerous days and nights studying videos on Youtube and other platforms”, says Jan.

He continues: “From my research, it dawned on me that Switzerland is Europe’s new Silicon Valley for CBD which is why I decided to move to Switzerland to set up a company which creates unique and transparent CBD products of high quality”.

What do customers value in the UK market?

Swiss Original Cannabis is one of the leading manufacturers in the UK market that develops and sells dietary supplements and skincare products with CBD.

It made sense for Swiss Original Cannabis to expand into the UK market after establishing a base in Switzerland – according to the Cannabis Trade Association, Europe’s CBD market is currently worth around £480 million, with the UK taking the biggest share at £110 million.

Jan believes that, with a growing market, UK consumers have become more selective: “From what I’ve seen, UK consumers are very similar to the rest of Europe: they value quality, transparency and information. There is also a big focus on health and wellbeing, which fits in well with our motto: get well, not high.”

He continues, “As a business who is now operating as a leading CBD brand in the UK, the fact that we produce, test and package all of our products at our headquarters in Basel, Switzerland is appealing to consumers, as it shows we have full control over what goes into our products”.

How do you use CBD?

“It is always a good rule of thumb to start with as low a dose as possible and gradually increase this on an ongoing basis as how much you need depends on the individual. That is why it is important to find the right amount that suits your body and particular needs”, says Jan.

What is the motivation for running a CBD business?

“It drives me to see and hear all the stories from people who get the joy of life back through a drug-free life with the help of a natural dietary supplement!”.

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