Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM’s Biometric Security Solutions

VLATACOM and Vladimir Cizelj Offer the Latest Biometric Security Solutions in Eastern Europe

Biometric security systems and solutions are becoming essential for the contemporary technology landscape and are widely used by public sector organizations, governments, enterprises, and companies.

As secure and efficient identification, recognition, and authentication are crucial for keeping sensitive information and critical data well-protected, many manufacturers work on developing reliable biometric technology.

One of the leading Eastern European manufacturers widely recognized for its innovative biometric security solutions is VLATACOM Institute, established by Vladimir Cizelj, PhD.

Key benefits of biometric technology

The advantages of biometric technology are undeniable – after all, it is the most effective, secure, and accurate method of identification and authentication of individuals based on their unique biological characteristics. Biometric authentication is used in everyday life, from civil identification, law enforcement, public security, and healthcare, to banking, retail, travel, and smart device use and identification.

With so many use cases, it’s only natural that biometric technologies offer a wide range of benefits. First of all, biometric security technology guarantees quick and reliable recognition and authentication of an individual. The fact it is based on specific physical and behavioral characteristics makes this technology fraud and forgery-proof, as opposed to security-breach prone password authentication.

In addition to offering unparalleled security and reliability, biometric technologies provide convenience, efficiency, scalability, profitability, cost reduction, and return on investment. All these advantages are of great significance for more demanding users, such as companies, enterprises, organizations, and governments, who have certain budget limitations and are looking for tailored, highly-reliable security infrastructure solutions.

VLATACOM’s biometric security solutions

VLATACOM Institute is a Serbian research and development institute established by Vladimir Cizelj, a renowned academician devoted to providing advanced technological solutions in the field of ICT. VLATACOM’s main mission is to enable security of personal and business information, protect critical assets, and provide fast and secure identity management. As a result, they have made it their priority to develop reliable, high-quality biometric solutions that will guarantee a safe and effective identification process.

Aware of the importance of having a professional, interdisciplinary team, VLATACOM Institute employs a significant number of leading industry experts, distinguished university professors, respected scientists, and ambitious PhDs. In order to ensure the quality and reliability of their solutions, devices, systems, and services, the VLATACOM team ensures that each product is meticulously researched and thoroughly tested before launching.

Such an approach has led to many successful projects in the field of biometric security. One of the most popular VLATACOM solutions is called vPBW, or VLATACOM Portable Biometric Workstation. This device enables safe and secure acquisition of both biometric and demographic information for issuing personal and travel identification documents. There is also vDR-H2 (VLATACOM Document Reader Handheld), which offers a secure way to verify biometric ID and travel documentation, whereas VLATACOM Login & Access Device (vLAD-1) enables safe biometric access control to logical resources.

About VLATACOM Institute and Vladimir Cizelj

VLATACOM Institute was founded in 1997 in Belgrade, Serbia, under the name Vlatacom Ltd. At first, Vlatacom’s main mission was to represent the Motorola company and its products in Serbia. However, due to the expertise, ambition, and entrepreneurial spirit of the VLATACOM’s founder Vladimir Cizelj, the institute has come a long way since then.

What started as a small company soon progressed to the first private technological research and development center accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. Besides working on the development of the latest technologies in the ICT industry, including e-ID solutions and systems, biometric identification solutions, traffic control and management, safe city solutions, and ANPR solutions and systems, VLATACOM Institute also takes part in a variety of international scientific and educational projects in the field of technology management.

When it comes to VLATACOM’s CEO, Vladimir Cizelj is an engineer, scientist, academician, and entrepreneur who believes that information and communication technologies are essential for global economic development. That is why he decided to focus on scientific research and development that results in socio-economic growth. As a successful businessman himself, Vladimir Cizelj even received outstanding performance recognition from the President of the Motorola company.

To conclude

Quick, accurate, secure, and reliable identification and multifactor authentication are key elements of well-developed security infrastructure, crucial for enabling the privacy and safety of individuals, customers, businesses, and organizations.

Due to the state-of-the-art security technologies offered by institutes such as VLATACOM and developed by innovators like Vladimir Cizelj, biometric security systems and solutions are bound to open up completely new dimensions when it comes to identification and authentication.

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