Luxury German fountain pen brands

Fountain pen

The use of fountain pens has steadily increased over the years with more people adopting their use. Fountain pens feature nibs that are used to distribute the ink on paper, a cartridge that holds the ink, and a strong outer casing.

You can find all the fountain pen brands on this list at Goldspot Pens, one of the leading providers of German fountain pens and fountain pen ink.

Fountain pens come in handy and can be used by both calligraphers and writers. They offer a smooth translation in strokes with a steady and controlled flow of ink. They are also very comfortable to use for long sessions of writing and drawing.

However, for the best and full experience, you should ensure that you invest in a quality fountain pen. Germany is one of the most reputable fountain pen hubs in the world.

They feature great brands that offer quality and luxury fountain pens that can also serve as a great gift to a loved one. Some of the best German brands to consider include:

Lamy Pens

Lamy pens are made employing the best workmanship and feature a unique design that is minimal and very comfortable. They specialize in manufacturing high-quality writing instruments ranging from fountain pens, rollerball pens, and more.

Their fountain pens feature either a stainless steel nib or a gold nib that ensure they are of high quality.  Lamy has brought several beautiful fountain pen options to market, famous among them the Lamy Safari.

They have various different types of fountain pens other than the safari that come in different designs and with various features. They however promise consistency in the quality of all their pen designs.


This is a manufacturing company that has been around for over 75 years and has worked to always provide the best quality writing instruments. Bock have specialized their craft over the years focusing their efforts on manufacturing the best fountain pen nibs.

The nibs are made to be precise and bring value to their users. They make use of the latest technology while also embracing hands-on craftsmanship on all the nibs produced. This helps them ensure consistency in the quality of their products across all price points.

The best part is that they also supply complete nib systems including a nib, an ink feeding system, and other surface finishes. This is a great brand for those who like to switch out nibs and inks as they work.

Diplomat Pens

The Diplomat pens brand has been around since 1922 striving to provide the best writing instruments for its customers. They work with traditional craftsmanship to manufacture and produce their fountain pens.

They promise high-quality pens that are durable given that they use the best materials and skills when manufacturing. They use metal as their preferred material to ensure they achieve a fine balance in weight and impact resistance.

Their nibs are custom made using stainless steel and 14K gold to ensure they are easy and comfortable to use.

Kaweco Pens

This manufacturing has been in the writing instruments industry since 1883. It has acquired a lot of experience with a lot of products produced over the years. This has allowed them to perfect their craft to ensure that their customers get the best quality.

They focus on using traditional craftsmanship to ensure that they give the needed attention to all their products. Their fountain pens are not mass produced which assures you that the manufacturing process is not rushed.

Their designs are made to be practical and easily applicable to users. They however offer the option of designing the pen to your desired style to ensure that you get the best from them.

Pelikan Pens

Pelikan Germany is a company that has been around since 1982 and has been producing quality fountain pens since then. This has made them a recognized brand when it comes to quality and performance.

Their fountain pens are made to be very sturdy and retain high quality to ensure they meet customer’s expectations. They have clearly evolved in their style, methodologies, and pen designs.

This has allowed them to take advantage of the advancing technology which also plays a big role in producing quality fountain pens.

Porsche Design

Porsche Design is a company that deals with different things including, fashion, sport, eyewear, and also stationery. They believe in thinking out of the box and coming up with designs that are unique and eye-catching to the customer.

Their fountain pens promise high-quality nibs that have carefully been crafted, a steady flow of ink, and a sturdy body. The fountain pens are durable and are a good investment when looking for a quality fountain pen.

Schmidt Pens

The Schmidt pens are made using the Schmidt technology that has been in the market for over 70 years. They believe in providing quality products in all their manufacturing endeavors.

Their fountain pens feature quality nibs and unique designs to give you a great feeling about their products. They have a wide array of fountain pen choices for you to choose from ensuring that you find your best fit.

Schmidt technology also works with other famous brands to produce their nibs. This means that they are a trusted company that assures you of quality and high performance for your fountain pens.

Waldmann Pens

Waldmann pens have been in the market since 1918 and have upheld their values in creating quality fountain pens. Their fountain pens are made using the traditional approach where all the work is done manually.

They employ the use of highly experienced craftsmen who have perfected their art to create amazing pens. This ensures that the pens are made with great attention to detail which results in better long-lasting options.

They have a range of fountain pens categorized in series and vary in terms of design. They are a great brand for you to get your fountain pens.


Fountain pens are a great choice and work well since they are smooth and easy to use. With the different brands out there, you are bound to find a pen that works for you and that you can always use.

Take your time to find a brand that produces quality pens and stays consistent in that commitment. This will ensure that each time you get a pen from them, the performance and durability remain constant.

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Luxury German fountain pen brands

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