Reverse phone lookup In USA – free and simple

Cell phone numbers are a treasure of information. Don’t you believe me? Well, your cell phone number can reveal your identity.

I am not referring to your name, but your whole history, including the personal data, records present in the civil and criminal departments, and social sites.

But, here, the question arises, how can someone do that? Is he a detective or something like that? No, he isn’t. Finding someone’s identity from a phone number doesn’t need a particular batch. It just needs a computer with access to the internet and a 100% free reverse phone lookup website like Radaris.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Reverse Phone Lookup services or Reverse Phone Lookup directories available on the web are powerful features. This feature allows you to find correct information about a number, including the name of its owner and other personal data associated with it. One can also find out the civil, criminal, and financial records of the owner.

For finding out this information, all you need is a phone number. The free phone lookup service works both on landline numbers and mobile numbers. However, one may face few problems while finding information about a mobile number. Simultaneously, the mobile number can provide some additional information about online accounts and social media.

When should one use the Reverse Phone Lookup feature?

On the one hand, it can be dangerous to have such features available on the internet. It can be the weapon of the stalkers. On the other hand, you can use the websites providing such facilities, to your advantage.

If you are getting a call from an unknown number, you can always check out if the calls are necessary or spam.

The cases of Cyberbullying are increasing parabolically. If you or your child are getting these threatening calls recently, you can check out the number at these websites to find the caller.

Sometimes your caller ID may not be able to clear out the identity of a number. We all have witnessed a few scenarios where the caller ID doesn’t show an individual’s real name; instead, it offers some different kind of name. At times like these, the 100% free reverse phone lookup option sounds more accurate.

Just by having the phone number, you can run the background check on someone. For example, if you don’t trust your new business partner, dig out information about him.

Sometimes your friends can make prank calls on you. Fortunately, you can get back at them now.

Where can we avail of the Reverse Phone Lookup feature?

In earlier times, reverse phone directories were published. These directories contained numbers of businesses and residences and were available at the police stations, libraries, and other public offices. But, they didn’t include a cell phone, fax, and unlisted numbers. Now, technology entered every sphere of our lives and brought an end to these thick reverse phone directories.

Following are some 100% free reverse phone lookup websites:

Using Radaris

Radaris is one of the most popular websites to find information about a caller. The report provided by Radaris includes the name of the owner, his address ( both previous and current ones), phone line carrier name, phone line connection status, and activation date. You can also access the criminal records, sex offenses reports, properties, and businesses registered under the name.

The website’s algorithms scan the internet to find the data and match it with our requirements to quickly provide accurate and reliable data.


It is one of the best websites to find the identity of a caller.

It works with the local phone companies to connect with the databases and find out about a number’s registered user. The site provides information on the name of a user, his address, and his exact location. You can also find additional information about the person by paying at the site. However, the site cannot provide information about the unlisted numbers.

Currently, about 3.3 million US visitors use this website.

Using Whitepages

Established in 1997, this is the largest site to provide a 100% free reverse phone lookup. It claims to own the contact information of about 275 million people and 25 million businesses.

Using Whitepages is relatively easy and straightforward. You have to enter the number in the Reverse Phone Lookup search box, and the website will handle the rest.

This site only provides information about the city or state the number belongs to and its mobile carrier. However, to find out the owner’s name, location, or other personal information, you need access to the premium features. It is so because searching for the mobile number needs more expensive processing and cleaning.


Nothing is impossible in this world of technology. One needs the correct trick for finding information over the web.

At present, many people consider such information as an attack on privacy. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the advantages it provides.

Although you may not use this service every day, there are chances that you will need it one day. Using the information provided over this site, you can protect your near and dear ones.

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